"The George has become a massive cornerstone in a thriving, creative community in East London. It has brought people together in a multitude of ways that serves the local community. It is a travesty to think that it will no longer be a hub for social activities and learning. Why should a few benefit when currently an entire community is about to lose its centre? No more flats! Let the George remain as an amazing community centre." - Rebecca Workman, Hackney resident

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Suspicious posts on the George petition

Just wanted to let supporters know that we received several negative comments on the George petition today (comments 906-912 so far).

We've looked into it and it is clear they are coming from one person or a very few people with an axe to grind. We're happy to leave them up - everyone is entitled to their view - but we will provide evidence to Hackney Council that these are not legitimate comments.

Please continue to support us and be assured that all legitimate views will be considered.

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