"The George has become a massive cornerstone in a thriving, creative community in East London. It has brought people together in a multitude of ways that serves the local community. It is a travesty to think that it will no longer be a hub for social activities and learning. Why should a few benefit when currently an entire community is about to lose its centre? No more flats! Let the George remain as an amazing community centre." - Rebecca Workman, Hackney resident

What The George means to the community

The George pub and the people who lived there for three years as private tenants have managed to create a true community asset. Some of the comments below from our petition show just how important this space has become.

"I run the deli around the corner and would sadly miss the George and its crowd if it was to go away. It would be a shame to see it turned into 9 flats and should carry on being used as it is: a great venue for community outings. " - Remy  Zentar, local business owner

"The George is unique. I have been to singing lessons, to an opera, I have performed the piano and have arranged to give piano lessons in return for bread. The George is a genuine community centre and is more worthy of the name "public house" than any modern pub." - Jonny Blamey, musician

"Does everything always have to come down to profit margins and money making? The events run in this location have brought the community together and allowed a space for creativity and friendships to develop." - Maura Framrose, Hackney resident

We feature in Robin Grey's song, The Gentrification of Hackney. Listen now

"The George has become a unique part of Homerton/Hackney and contributed a huge amount to the local community. It would be a great shame for this to be lost." - Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin

"The George is a brilliant space in an area that is in need of more communal spaces. It would be a shame to make way for yet more flats when it could be used as a social hub. " Romy Boettger, neighbour

"The George has been a fine example of 'community' - a rare gem in London. Despite being a private property, sublet to private tenants, the tenants have taken it upon themselves to open their doors to the wider public providing music, art, dance, yoga and theatre events to all.  Its closure will be a loss to the London arts scene and to the local Hackney community." Yolanda Yong, Londoner

"WE NEED LOCAL COMMUNITY NETWORKS AND BUSINESSES. The George is one. " - Sarah Mithcell, Hackney resident

"Important venue for music and the arts in London, and significant contributions to the area." - Michael Rutledge, neighbour

"I am an artist and a theatre professional.  When I travel I seek out urban community spaces that nurture the local arts scene, spaces that belie the myth that one city is just like another.  The George Pub is precisely that kind of place and I would very much like to see its continued existence." - Lee Newbury,  USA

"Visited in the 80's.. one of the most lovely pubs in all of London. Trad Irish roots tell of yesteryear. Save it!! " -  Ollie Goodall, Brighton

"This place brings together people from around the country let alone around london and the east end.  With out it, i doubt i would have ever spent so many amazing weekends in Hackney.  My favorite moment was when residents put on an incredible, interactive, and community based theatre production telling the tale of persephone.  Beautiful."  Anne Litobarski

"The George Pub is a building imbued with social history, and maintains popularity from locals, as a community performance space. It has been the birthplace of many community arts projects including The Tree House Gallery in Regents Park and The Table on the Marshes, for Hackney council, alongside 2 festivals. The george has provided space for local dance classes and a choir, many theatrical performances and studio and workshop space for artists in the area. I benifited greatly from the George. "  - Eleanor Stevens

"In an era of faceless chain pubs and relentless privatisation of our few remaining "public houses", this type of initiative is surely vital to both retaining the character of and providing community spirit to any local area, but in particular an area such as Hackney that will be extremely visible and visited during and beyond the Olympics. A community operated resource such as The George could only bolster the cosmopolitan, forward looking & attractive nature and future of the Hackney area." - James Horkan

"What a great idea! We need a pub and we must not lose this wonderful community that has been such an asset to our neighbourhood in so many ways. I will be happy to help in whatever way I can." - Jayne MacIntyre, Clapton resident

"The George was the most wonderfully friendly and community centred space. Please don't rob us of this." - Patrick Smith, Clapton resident

"The George is a unique place of cultural celebration and social community - it's one of these kind of places that give our modern urban existence depth and sense. No question we have to save it!!!!" - anonymous

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